Mittwoch, 15. März 2017

Project Silk - Susanne Häusermann


                                                 The Princess´s Artifice/ detail

Title of the work:   The Princess’ Artifice

Artist statement:
China carefully kept the secret of silk production for a very long time. It was forbidden by death sentence to carry silkworms, mulberry seeds and knowledge out of China. Silk was as precious as gold. Probably two thousand years ago, the princess of China was going to marry the King of Khotan. Secretly she collected silkworm eggs and mulberry seeds, which she hid in her huge hair dress.  When the princess reached the border gates, the guards searched her thoroughly, but they dared not to touch her hair. From Khotan, silk knowledge passed to India and later to Europe. 
Traditional Chinese costumes very often are combined with silver hair decoration.
1 is a lucky number. It symbolizes cosmogony and heaven, as well as loneliness. 3 stand for birth. Earth, heaven and humans are a triad. 
Natural white color stands for grief and nowadays for wedding.
The peacock feathers symbolize dignity and beauty.
Silk is soft and shiny, warm and strong and the most beautiful fabric ever.

Materials:      Silk Selvedge, Silk Thread, Peacocks Feathers, Aluminum

Techniques:  Graphite Drawing, Free Motion Technique 

Susanne in her studio...

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