Dienstag, 20. Juni 2017

Connections from Juliette Eckel

My ideas for  my work "Circle meets square, meets....":
Every year I work on a special theme, two years ago it were the "colors of the coast of Australia", last year "circle" , "this year "circle meets square meets...."
The first piece I tried was made of a lot of printed fabrics, for me it was too busy...
Then I remembered that I always try to persuade my students, who take printing classes not to treat every printed piece as an artwork, but to cut it and combine it to other pieces. So did I. I had a wonderful piece I dyed years ago with a wax screen. It was one my best first trials and I just could not make up my mind to use/cut it.
As another of my goals is "keep it simple" I decided just to use one other piece of fabric and just a few different threads. For the printing of the fabrics I used the screen I used for my first projects.
This was the way I got the piece. Circles and squares are connected by machine and hand-stitching. This work is connected to my other pieces by the screen-printing.

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