Montag, 29. Mai 2017

Rust - the next project....

 We are still working on the project connection, but some of us already started with the next project: RUST!!!!

Inger-Ann Olsen is showing some pictures and tells us how she is working.

My fascination for rust as a "colouring method" started in 2005, after I visited a Danish textile artist Solvejg Refslund in Denemark. The workshop by her was actually about collage, but she also gave me a fast explanation about how to do the rusting. I got completely hooked, and now rusting is my favourite artwork in spring and summertime, when I'm living in my summerhouse. It is wonderful to work outside.
You just place plastic on the ground, a white fabric on top of it, then some old rusted things on the fabric, soak it with vinegar and wrap it up. Unwrap it when you see the colour you want, takes from 1 - 3 days.
First I started with rust and vinegar only, but for the last years I have experimented with combinations of different kinds of tea and rust together. It is so nice to see how rust, tea and vinegar influence on each other. The colours vary from yellowish to grey or dark blue.
The process is fascinating and it is always like Christmas, when unwrapping the secret plastic parcel. It is just to start and wait for the miracle to happen, but nevertheless, when working with this methode, you never know the exact result. And, that is just the funny thing about it!!

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